Friday, March 8, 2013

Lunch and the guilt trip


Courtney, Myriam and I enjoyed lunch at the Olive Garden today. Myriam really likes their fettuccine alfredo. Courtney had to go to the bathroom twice while we were there. It never fails. ;) 
We stopped at Costco on our way home. While there, I was a bad mommy and let Courtney get a diet coke. I rarely let my kids get drinks with caffeine. I told her this will not be happening often. She kept telling me that Diet Coke is bad for people all the way home. Eek, talk about a guilt trip being laid on thick. Lol. I'm glad she knows it's not healthy..... even if she did go overboard on lecturing me. Just so it's clear, Courtney is the one who wanted to get the Diet Coke.

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