Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sick St. Patrick's Day girl, and more randomness

 My poor little miss had a rough start to St. Patty's Day. She woke up in the middle of the night crying because her throat and jaw hurt. Her eye was red and a little goopy too. I mentioned that we may need to take her to see the doctor in the morning, bad idea on my part. She had a full blown panic attack. She is terrified of doctors, as you can see in the above photo of her sitting on the doctor's table. After I gave her some medicine, and after her panic attack, she finally fell back asleep in my bed. Her panic attack happened to wake all of us up except for Marshall. When she woke up in the morning she was acting fine. She said she was feeling good, and her eye looked much better, so I decided to take her to church. 10 or so minutes into sacrament meeting she started running a fever, so I took her into the doctor's office. She had a temp of 102. Her strep test came back negative. The doctor thinks she has pink eye, but isn't 100% sure. He gave us a prescription for eye drops for us to treat it with. Myriam's eye is a little red and goopy too, so we have a prescription for her eye as well. Mady will hide the fact that she is sick for as long as she can get away with it for fear of having to see the doctor. I feel so bad for her. All I can do is hold her and try to comfort her through words.

Onto our St. Patrick's Day festivities: we had lucky charms for breakfast, mint chocolate chip ice cream after lunch, green pasta for dinner, a green pudding and Oreo dessert after dinner, and my children each wore something that had green on it. That's about all we did to celebrate it.
McQuivey is an Irish name, and my great grandma is Irish. We also have Scottish in us. I enjoy celebrating St. Patrick's Day, even if it is just by making sure my kids have green on their clothes and eating green food.


Myriam loves to pull herself up to things and walk along them. She is now standing on her tiptoes. When her older siblings are outside playing, her favorite place to go is over to the window to stare out at them playing. If she gets up on her tiptoes, she can just barely see out the window. 
 The kids will come to the window and play with her. They can get her laughing and laughing. She loves it. 
We love having her in our family. She makes us feel complete. We couldn't imagine our lives without her in it. She adds so much joy and happiness to all of us. Each one of us have a special place in our family. We wouldn't be complete without each and every one of us. 

Oh and have I forgot to mention that this cute, little, innocent looking girl is TROUBLE! Yep, she is. She is the cutest trouble maker you will ever see. 
She goes from room to room, and drawer to drawer pulling everything out, and making big, huge messes. Right after I go behind her picking up her messes, she'll start all over again. I think I pick up approximately 5,922 things per day ;), but it's well worth it.


 Last Saturday morning while Ben snoozed away after working a long night, the kids and I had a fun morning together. Madison saw these 'Create Your Own Hearts' at Walmart around valentine's Day and realllly wanted to get them. So we did.

 Mady had fun decorating the hearts. 

All of my kids took a turn making me a heart. I am so blessed to have children that love me, and know that I love them in return.

 While Mady worked hard on her hearts, Marshall had fun making funny faces for the camera.

 And, loving on the baby of course.

 I couldn't help but sneak a photo with my baby. 
She loves to eat anything and everything. Apparently that day her preference was a yo-yo.

 While all this was going on, Courtney and I had fun playing games. We first played Candy Land.

 And then Uno.

On the weekends, the kids get to have a big slumber party together. This time they all chose to sleep on the living room floor.
 We all look forward to the weekends we get to spend together around here.
I love that my kids love each other so much.

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