Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My kids are growing up way too fast, and exciting challenges for Ben and I.

This cute lil cookie is now registered for Kindergarten. They test all the soon-to-be kindergartners. She is above grade level. She knew all of the colors, shapes, and numbers that she was tested for. She recognized all of her uppercase letters except for V, and she knew most of her lowercase letters as well. I can't remember the ones she missed. However, I do remember that she thought the lowercase h was a n. :) She also knew most of the sounds that the letters make. At random times throughout the day I'll have Courtney tell me all of the sounds of the letters. I think she is sick of this because today she said, "not again". They didn't test her on reading, but she can sound out simple words with help. She is a smart little cookie.
So, I was asked last Sunday if I would be on the PTA presidency board this upcoming school year at my kids' elementary school. I was asked to be the treasurer. I accepted gladly. I am a little nervous because I have heard that the treasurer has the hardest job, but I am so thrilled as well. I will hopefully be going to a day training class for it at BYU in May. I'm anxious and so excited!
Our bishopric came over last night. They asked Ben to be the Sunday School secretary. He was, of course, released as a primary teacher so he can fulfill his new calling. They will be calling someone new to help me teach my primary class. I'm so sad that Ben won't be teaching the CTR 5 class with me anymore. I have really enjoyed teaching with him. He is so good with kids. They all just adore him. I can't blame them, he is pretty great. However, I am so thrilled for his new calling. I know he will do a great job.
Ben and I had parent teacher conferences with Madison's and Marshall's teachers today. They are both doing really well. I was told by both teachers how much the other kids just LOVE my kids. I am blessed to have such good kids.
Myriam had a doctors appointment today and is doing well.
Today was busy with lots of running around most of the day. I haven't been feeling well. My body aches and my nose is stuffy. Nothing major. I'm calling it a night nice and early..... so long as I can get my cute little baby to sleep first. The other kids are snoozing away. :)
PS. Isn't this weather amazing? I'm in love!

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